Mid Century Modern


A singer songwriter and her partner, an active wear designer, wanted to upgrade their mid century modern Mill Valley home. The original house had simple forms and clean lines but had been cluttered up over the years by prior owners.

As with many of our clients, we encourage them to take advantage of the local Mediterranean climate by establishing stronger connections between life inside the house to newly created 'outdoor rooms’. To that end, the design includes an expanded deck over the carport supported by a substantial steel structure. Rather than attempt to hide the structure, we emphasized it with a colorful splash of orange reminiscent of the closeby Golden Gate Bridge.

Tree Top Exterior After + Before FINAL.jpg
Tree Top Living Room 2.jpg
Mid Century Modern
Tree Top Living Room 3.jpg
Tree Top Exterior 2 FINAL.jpg
Modern Treetop Carport Roof FINAL.jpg
Tree Top Deck FINAL.jpg
Tree Top Deck 2 FINAL.jpg
Tree Top Breakfast.jpg
Modern Treetop Wall FINAL.jpg