We bridge the gap between the complexity of the process and the realization of your dream.

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Our Projects are Well Designed, Super Energy Efficient + Ecologically Sound

With an educational background in conservation and architecture coupled with our experience in building, we take pride in not only creating sustainable projects but also architecture that looks and feels great.

Emphasis on Teamwork

We enjoy being part of a team - multiple input from professionals with diverse backgrounds create successful, enlivened projects. We understand that one person can’t “know it all” and that the best approach and solutions evolve from a collaborative process.

We Distill the Complex

We help clarify and simplify the process for you, allowing you to focus on your inspiration. The creation and delivery of a successful project is a complex and complicated endeavor. We bridge the gap!

Construction Experience

With a background in construction, we've built homes, not only for our clients, but also for ourselves. Based on our experience, we assist you in making informed decisions when facing difficult financial and design choices. Our background in building helps in communications with general contractors throughout the entire process.

We Value Learning

THREE-SIXTY-ONE and its partners take pride in keeping up to date on a broad spectrum of ecologically based topics including net zero energy building technologies and products, healthy homes and resource and energy conservation.