"Architecture is really about Well Being." Zaha Hadid

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361 Architecture strives to produce graceful, sustainable projects that enhance the lives of our clients and the landscape on which they sit.

Assembling a team early in the process that includes a contractor and other consultants allows us to troubleshoot problems that might arise during construction. Implementing an integrative design approach, as compared to the traditional “design/document/bid/build” model for project delivery, ensures a more responsive, well designed, holistic solution. Putting more effort and resources into the schematic design phase also gives clients a better idea of project costs before producing the more complex construction documents. If changes need to be made to the design, those changes are best made during the design phase rather than during construction. Moving ink is easier and cheaper than moving concrete.


  • SIMPLICITY: Designing with simplicity doesn’t mean lacking elegance. We seek to design with “economy” in the truest sense of the word.

  • CREATIVITY: People are more creative than they know. We all “design” our lives and have creative ideas about how we want to live, work, play and rest. We can help flush these ideas out with you.
  • COLLABORATION: Seek advice from people who know. Plumbers know plumbing. We know something about plumbing but not as much a plumbers know. Harness “in the field” knowledge and seek inte- grated solutions.

  • PLAY: Our culture underestimates the value of play. Be open to experiment and explore the “What If” questions.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Building science can be elegant too.
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